Giant Post-It Note Pads

Review: Giant Post-It Note Pads


Hey, this is Kirsten and today I would like to talk to you about Giant Post-It Note Pads.  Now, you might be thinking, “Really? Giant Post-It Notes?” but Giant Post-It Notes are hands-down one of the most awesome tools I’ve run across for general brainstorming for all types.  They are also handy for keeping your to-do list and your goals, and for mapping out your calendar.  For Fantasticals they help keep your goals and ideas visual and in front of you.

Let’s talk about the basics of Giant Post-It Notes:  They are about 25 inches x 30.5, and they come in a pad of 30 pages.   You can hang these on your wall and just start scribbling away.  Say you’re brainstorming – it’s a place to just toss up ideas, make lists and sketch things out.  If you’re going to use it like a to-do list, you’ve got all the things you need to do right there, right in front of you.   You can color code, which is excellent for Environmentals – you can even add stickers to it.

The only type that would not be able to interact daily with Giant Post-It Notes is the Analytical.  The Analytical definitely sees the value of the Giant Post-It Note in a brainstorming situation, but they want it to remain within the brainstorming situation.   The arena of brainstorming can be messier; therefore you can have something as informal as a Giant Post-It Note.  However, Analyticals are not going to want to see that Giant Post-It note leave that conference room (or wherever they’re doing their brainstorming.)

Giant Post-It Notes are $37 for a two pack on Amazon, 30 sheets per pack.  You can get them plain, lined or in graph squares.  If you want to get really fancy, you can get one side as a whiteboard with giant post-it notes next to it.  But seriously,  just get the basic pad of Giant Post-It Notes to begin with.  They stick to your wall without pulling the paint off, and you can use it for everything from brainstorming to keeping your calendar to keeping your goals in front of you.  You can even use them for tracking your income, which is an excellent motivator.  They are especially awesome for keeping your to-do list in a place where you can see it, and then you have the awesome visual when you check stuff off.  Giant Post-Its have a use for every type.

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