Are you frustrated by the obstacles coming between you and your dreams?

Do you finish your days with more added to your to-do list than crossed off?

Productivity in isolation is useless. Everyone and their mother has a system to offer, and each one claims to hold the secret to effortless productivity that will make you millions of dollars while you sleep. I’ll tell you the truth, up front – every single system for sale is as useful to you as bull crap. Keep reading and I’ll show you why.

You’re overwhelmed. You’re frustrated. You start out each day, each week, with such good intentions – you’re going to charge through your work, take huge strides toward your goals, knock everything out of the park! And where are you at the end of the week?

Think about all the productivity and organization systems you’ve tried.

Remember how you dove into ‘Getting Things Done’ with such enthusiasm? Your inbox was so full as to constitute a fire hazard within weeks, wasn’t it?

Or what about your attempt at keeping a to-do list? The thing was three feet long by the end of the third day.

And let’s not forget about those scheduled meetings you keep showing up a half hour late to. Or forgetting entirely.

If you’ve spent your life struggling to adhere to other people’s organization and productivity strategies, you’ll want to keep reading.

Your failures aren’t indicative of some inner flaw – they’re simply the result of a huge mismatch between what the productivity gurus think you need and the reality you’re actually facing. Productivity is not about sticking to outside systems and ‘getting things done.’ Productivity is an ongoing interaction between you, your personality, your goals and how you relate to the world.

  • Are you an analytic thinker, someone who excels at games of logic and is motivated by competition and goals?
  • Are you a big picture thinker, someone who can spend hours wrestling with a problem or project – to the exclusion of even eating and sleeping?
  • Or are you more people oriented, the person who’s most concerned with those around you and whether they’re happy and healthy?

If you answered yes to one of the above, then you’re one of the 75% of people who struggle with 99% of the productivity systems on the market today.

Because the productivity systems on the market today were created by a fourth type of person, one who naturally excels at creating systems, and one who approaches the world through the lens of their routines. Their systems work great for helping them reach their goals.

But you don’t want a strategy for THEIR goals. You want a strategy that works with YOU to achieve YOUR goals.

Productivity doesn’t have to be a constant struggle to adhere to a predefined framework. When your goals, personality and philosophy are aligned, you can breeze forward and spend your energy on the things that really matter – the ones that bring you closer to your dreams!

Even aligning a single factor makes your productivity easier. Let’s start with identifying your personality.

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